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Is your sales organization at risk of being a jack-of-all-trades, but a master of none? Whether you have full time sales leadership in place or not, closing sales and creating scalable structure that leads to closing deals more consistently and predictably are usually at odds. Sales leadership in any form has to focus on recruiting, retaining, managing, mentoring, and closing deals with happy customers. There is little to no time left to focus on strategy, process, and enablement. While you hope to have time to think strategically at the beginning of the “next quarter”, it rarely ever happens. The Aberdeen Group found that 97% of companies that implemented a series of best-in-class sales processes achieved their sales quotas - compared to just 55% amongst those that did not.  It is best to invest in a predictable, repeatable model now, before the hole gets any deeper.


SOAR's vCSO Service is a sales acceleration program designed to efficiently design, build, and implement your revenue engine while allowing the existing team to focus on delivering to plan.  For an early stage company, this means transforming your vision into measurable results at a fraction of the cost expected. For a more mature organization, this program equips your team with the tools and processes they need to deliver consistent, predictable growth in a highly accountable manner. In either case, we stay with you through full adoption and associated cadence to ensure success before handing over the keys. 


  • Implement your vision through a customized sales & marketing engine

  • Predictable, scalable sales growth

  • Proven sales vision and leadership at half the cost of alternatives

  • Free up cash to invest in lead gen and quota carrying reps to drive growth

  • Ensure buy through coaching and mentoring to full adoption

  • Create cadence and velocity prior to fully handing over the keys to sales leadership 


  • Messaging Review & Delivery

  • Enablement Review & Delivery

  • GTM Review & Delivery

  • Process Review & Delivery

  • Alignment Review & Delivery

  • Lead Gen Review & Delivery

  • Technology Review & Delivery

  • Coaching, Mentoring & Reporting

  • Ongoing Sales Execution support through handoff



  • Includes GTM Optimization

  • Sales Process Optimization

  • Sales Enablement

  • Lead Generation Strategy

  • Sales & Marketing Alignment,

  • Ongoing execution support, and

  • Assistance hiring and onboarding a permanent sales leader when appropriate.

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