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Don't just take our word for it... hear what some of our clients have to say!

"At Vicente Capital Partners, we invest in privately held growth businesses with $10-50 million in annual revenue and partner with management teams to build $50-100 million plus businesses.  SOAR has been a valuable partner to several of our portfolio companies and a significant contributor to our success. Their ability to extract how and why a company wins and create specific strategy, messaging, and processes to accelerate growth is second to none and is tailored to each company’s specific needs. Not only have they created a more scalable and predictable sales and marketing engine in each engagement, their work has directly led to increased sales, higher conversion rates, and the visibility and accountability we seek across our portfolio."

Jason Beck, Principal

Vicente Capital Partners

"As Sales Director for a global organization, one of the things I believe that is critical is to know how to effectively scale my sales and marketing organization while delivering on revenue objectives. SOAR was able to extract the knowledge from inside our walls to create the strategy, process, and enablement we needed to accelerate long-term revenue while ensuring we had the resources needed to drive short-term growth. Thanks to SOAR, we now have a scalable, predictable engine in place, and I can turn my focus from building the engine to winning the race. I highly recommend SOAR to anyone looking to get to next-level growth quickly."

Scott Buesching, Sr. Global Sales Director

Global LT

 "SOAR came to us highly recommended by our investors for their work in other portfolio companies. Amazingly adept at quickly learning our business, market, and internal workings they created a very effective sales and marketing plan for our business. Thanks to SOAR, we now have the strategy, message and processes required to continue to rapidly grow our company and be able to add sales capacity quickly by attracting and quickly ramping new hires."

Von Swalley, Vice President of Sales

Intellectual Technology Inc.

“When you work with SOAR, you get the highest level of integrity and a complete focus on the success of your business. They are the best at creating winning sales and marketing strategies and processes that scale your growth while maximizing your return. I would give SOAR the keys to my business knowing they would run it as I would and deliver results.” 

David Bennett, President

Connections for Business

“SOAR is incredibly insightful in quickly grasping the unique value of a product or service, capturing that value in messaging that easily converts to potential customers, and leveraging their absolute mastery of process and automation to deliver scalable and predictable growth that maximizes your investment."

Dan Martin, GM


“SOAR delivers sales strategy, engagement, and process better than anyone I have had the privilege of working with throughout my career. Their ability to create predictability through crystal clear messaging, aligned sales & marketing funnels, and metric driven measurement lead not only to the most cost-effective growth possible, but new levels of consistency, visibility, and accountability."

Martin MacKay, CEO

Neverfail Group

“SOAR is one of the best in the business at identifying a company’s strengths and weaknesses and leveraging that information to create scalable sales and marketing engines that are accountable, focused on results, and that drive growth. They bring an extremely detailed approach to process, high character you can trust, and effective communications across diverse organizations and people."

Bob Riazzi, CEO


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