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SOAR acts as an extension of your team to provide the necessary bandwidth and expertise at a fraction of the cost of full time employee support. We leverage combined experience and a large network to provide pinpoint resolution to a specific success barrier on a project basis, or broader expertise delivery on a retainer basis. SOAR meets you wherever you are in your sales optimization journey and works alongside you to understand and create solutions for your business, your process, and your obstacles. We focus on the most compelling issues first and jointly create solutions that fit your organization and style.
Our services include Go-To-Market Optimization, Sales Process Optimization, Sales Enablement, Lead Generation Strategy, Funnel Alignment, Optimization Assessment, CRM Alignment, and virtual sales leadership (vCSO) for early stage technology companies. The end result is agreed upon deliverables that align with your business, are supported by your technology, and are easily and quickly reportable. Your process brought to life and consistently delivering visible results.


Sales optimization process
Our value to you is very straight forward:
  • Decrease your cost of sales and customer acquisition without minimizing capacity through a go-to-market strategy that aligns the right resources to the appropriate opportunities to increase sales, margin, and scalability, even in limited resource situations.

  • Gain predictability, accountability, and consistency across the sales organization by formalizing how and why you win into a scalable, repeatable sales engine that is supported by technology and easily reportable to increase close rate, forecast accuracy, and consistency.

  • Shorten onboarding and effective ramp time and increase stage conversions and velocity
    by capturing the proven messages within your company into sales enablement that provides consistent sales messaging and customer experience while empowering and engaging your sales organization.

  • Ensure sales reps have enough deals in the funnel to make numbers consistently by increasing the pipeline to quota ratio through multi-touch, integrated lead generation strategies that deliver high quality leads that convert at low to no cost.

  • Increase response times and conversion rates by aligning sales and marketing into a
    funnel-based approach that drives cooperation, accountability and predictability while shortening the sales cycle.

Every SOAR engagement begins prior to our first discussion. SOAR conducts research on every company prior to first contact to better understand you, your company, strategy, competitors, and potential requirements. Through this work, we determine whether we are in a position to provide unique value, thus ensuring every interaction has the potential to be game changing. Potential SOAR engagements are clearly outlined in a proposed Scope of Work, including specific deliverables and time frames associated with each. Once the Scope of Work and associated timelines are understood and agreed, the delivery process starts by mastering your current position via online or in-person strategic reviews and interviews. Coupled with further deliverable-specific research, the baseline is established for strategic deliverable drafts. Once the draft work is completed, SOAR validates the proposed deliverables through a network of market-experienced advisors prior to draft stage delivery. Draft deliverables are then reviewed with you, and any change requests are updated into the final deliverable presentation. Of course, our work together is not complete until you have approved the final deliverable.

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