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Sales Enablement


Can your team consistely communicate your core value and quickly get a potential customer to that "ah ha" moment ? Forbes Insight reports that 58% of buyers report that sales reps are unable to answer their questions effectively. It is no wonder consistent success has become the unicorn for so many sales organizations. With an average of 25% turn over in a sales organization each year according to ESR Research and 48% of new reps taking at least 10 months to successfully ramp per CSO Insights, effective sales enablement tools are more critical than ever before. Not only to ensure maximum time to value for every sales hire, but to empower every rep with the tools they need to convert and close every possible deal.


SOAR's Sales Enablement services capture the proven messages, stories and processes within your company and organize them into sales enablement materials that focus on your specific value, why a company needs your solutions, and how they will use them. Crystal clear and easy to use, these enablement materials answer your key questions before your team is asked.

  • Sales Messaging Guides - Includes target customer profile, problem statements, value definition and descriptions, business case and ROI, competitive overview, and use cases.

  • Cheat Sheets - Desktop guide summarizing key positioning and consistent call flow.

  • Sales Playbooks - Includes lead follow up process, step by step call handling, calls to action, qualification, lead, and opportunity criteria, and voicemail/email templates.



  • Current Content Review

  • Power Question Roundtable

  • Interviews

  • Research

  • Draft Reviews and Revisions

  • Final Deliverable Presentation

  • Increase sales efficiency and effectiveness

  • Shorten onboarding and effective ramp time

  • Consistent, controlled sales messaging across every potential customer touchpoint

  • Increase sales capacity

  • Increase stage conversions, velocity, and close rate

  • Empower sales organization


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