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Go-To-Market Optimization


Does your go-to-market strategy differentiate you? According to CSO Insights, 75% of sellers believe their sales approach differentiates them. Only 3% of customers agree. When go-to-market strategies are not fit for purpose, companies struggle with inconsistent or unattained sales with lower margins, limited scalability and a high cost to acquire a customer (CAC). They are generally misaligned to strategy and pay way too much for way too little in return.


Whether you are formalizing your go-to-market strategy for the first time, or market factors call for a pivot, SOAR partners with you to ensure your GTM strategy delivers success by aligning the right resources to the appropriate opportunities in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

  • GTM Strategy Guide - Includes strategy, GTM delivery outline, role description and alignment, territory alignment, and lead flow rules.

  • Job Descriptions - Powerful descriptions that clearly define the role, the expectations, and the opportunity to attract top candidates and set clear expectations.

  • Channel Options – End to end channel program creation, execution, and effectiveness services. Can include program design, guides and agreements, benefits and expectations guide, marketing plans, training, management and delivery services.


  • Current Strategy Review

  • Strategic Direction Session

  • Research

  • Draft Plan Review and Revision

  • Draft Job Description Delivery

  • Final Deliverables Presentation​


  • Decrease cost of sale and customer acquisition without minimizing capacity

  • Increase sales, even in limited sales or marketing resource situations

  • Increase margin, consistency, and scalability


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