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Lead Generation Strategy


Are you feeding your sales beast and engaging your reps? According to Forrester Research, companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at a 33% lower cost. While marketing enables sales as a whole, lead generation provides the fuel for sales success. Investing in additional sales resources before the leads to support growth are in place only leads to similar results at a higher cost. Worse yet, it leads to lack of success with kills sales mojo. Engaged sales reps deliver 33% more revenue. Unfortunately, 70% of sales reps are not engaged.


SOAR partners with you to deliver predictable lead generation strategies within your budget. From no budget to significant, SOAR delivers multi-touch, integrated strategies that leverage proven techniques to fill your funnel and drive growth.


  • Quarterly Lead Generation Plan - Fully executable plan to budget that Includes strategy, themes, and mediums used in an integrated marketing plan. Encompasses digital, outbound, nurture, social, and event strategies integrated around key quarterly themes.


  • Strategy and Resource Review

  • Medium and Message Session

  • Research

  • Draft Plan Review and Revision

  • Budget Confirmation

  • Final Plan Presentation


  • Decrease cost per lead

  • Increase lead generation ROI

  • Ensure sales reps have enough deals to make number

  • Deliver high quality leads at low to no cost

  • Increase sales engagement, and delivery in turn

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