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Optimization Assessment


Is your sales organization ready to drive predictable, consistent sales growth? CSO Insights recently found that 59% of sales leaders were concerned about their ability to deliver plan. According to The Bridge Group, that concern is a reality as 50% of sales reps are failing to make quota. Markets, buyers, and opportunities change often, but many sales organizations are unsure of how they should adapt as internal resources are usually too attached. A fresh perspective can not only be the difference between more of the same and next level growth, it will clearly outline what changes need to be made to accelerate next level sales growth.


SOAR assesses and scores the optimization and readiness of your sales organization across every category in the Sales Optimization Framework to identify any gaps to next level sales growth and deliver a solution plan to address each gap.


  •  Sales Optimization Assessment -Includes an overview of what is working and what is not working, individual scores on each stage of the Sales Optimization Framework along with a score summary, and recommendations by stage to fill the gaps and deliver a more predictable sales and marketing engine.


  • Executive sponsorship discussion

  • Preliminary research Interviews

  • Staff Interviews

  • Delivery Presentation


  • Crystal clear understanding of your sales optimization & readiness

  • Actionable strategies to address every gap preventing your growth

  • Increase morale, accountability, and overall sales effectiveness

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