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CRM Alignment

How can your CRM system become a change agent? According to Selling Strategies, 85-90% of sales training has no lasting impact after 3 months. Reason 1 - The sales methodology is not aligned your company, your team, and how and why you win. Reason 2 - Half a day in a training does not integrate into your workflow to change lifelong habits. CRM should be more than a rolodex of names and numbers; it should automate your process every day, in every deal, and accelerate transformation.


SOAR’s CRM Alignment services implement your strategy and process directly into your CRM system to ensure integration into daily workflow, drive sales adoption and ownership, and deliver the accurate reporting and effective coaching you need with significantly less effort. 



  • CRM Customization Guide – Documented outline of all changes, including custom fields, reporting, and alignment to strategy and process.

  • Delivery Training - Usage and cadence training to ensure consistent delivery and integration into regular routines.




  • Current Strategy and Process Review

  • CRM Wireframe Finalization

  • Reporting and Cadence Review

  • Implementation and use training


  • Ensure the use, ownership and adoption required to drive sales acceleration

  • Increase forecast accuracy

  • Increase deal-based coaching and close rate

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