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Sales Process Optimization


Does your sales process drive results and engagement? 68% of B2B organizations have not even identified their sales funnel according to Marketing Sherpa. Lack of a structured, formalized process leads to internal and external inconsistency, lack of accountability, and limited trust in forecasting. Without process, success is left in the hands of individual reps. When someone fails, it is not easy to determine why or provide quick resolution. With only 50% of reps meeting quota per a Bridge Group study, structuring success into process mitigates risk and delivers consistent results.


SOAR Sales Process Optimization services structure how and why you win into a scalable, repeatable sales engine that is supported by technology and easily reportable to deliver consistent sales growth.

  • Sales Process Guide - Includes strategy, opportunity stages, stage definitions, stage objectives and key criteria, stage velocity and gating criteria, process workflow, funnel alignment, and metric/report definition and cadence.

  • Technology Alignment Guide - Includes alignment of existing and recommended technologies to sales process and wireframes for implementation.


  • Whiteboard Session

  • Interviews

  • Research

  • Draft Process Review

  • Draft Tech Alignment Review

  • Draft Reporting Review

  • Final Deliverables Presentation


  • Predictability, accountability and consistency across the entire sales organization

  • Real-time identification of problems and faster resolution

  • Increase sales capacity

  • Increase close rate and forecast accuracy 

  • Increase scalability and repeatability

  • Trusted reporting with half the time required


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