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Funnel Alignment


How many of your leads fall through the cracks? The National Sales Executive Association found that 48% of sales people never follow up with a lead and only 12% make even 3 attempts. 80% of sales are made between 5 and 12 attempts however. When sales and marketing organizations are out of alignment, competition displaces trust, accountability is nowhere to be found, leads fall through the cracks, and significant investment goes unrealized.


SOAR partners with you to align your sales and marketing teams and processes into a single, conversion based funnel that follows a lead from the top of the funnel to the bottom to deliver a predictable, accountable, high performing sales and marketing collaboration that converts.


  • Sales & Marketing 2.0 Guide - Includes strategy, "Life of a Lead" definition, hand off definition, actionable funnel alignment and conversion metrics.


  • Current Status Review

  • Life of a Lead Session

  • Funnel and Metric Definition

  • Draft Plan Review and Revision

  • Final Deliverable Presentation


  • Align sales & marketing to a funnel-based approach that converts consistently

  • Increase ROI in a repeatable manner

  • Increase response times and conversion rates

  • Increase cooperation, accountability, and predictability

  • Shorten sales cycle

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