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Optimize Sales. Win Faster.

SOAR is not a sales training firm or yet another sales methodology.


Your company knows how to sell your solutions and services better than anyone, but you lack time and resources to optimize your approach and truly differentiate yourself from the competition.We act as an extension of your team to fill the sales optimization gap left by lack of time. We add predictability, accountability, and scalability through an approach that engages your team and helps you win faster.

Predictable sales growth
Assess My Engine


Is your sales organization ready to drive predictable, consistent sales growth? CSO Insights recently found that 59% of sales leaders were concerned about their ability to deliver plan. 

Building a predictable sales engine
Build My Engine


​SOAR leverages the expertise and knowledge within your business to fill the sales optimization gap left by lack of time. It is within this gap that consistency, accountability, and scalability are added to deliver repeatable success ...

Grow your business through sales optimization
Grow My Business


Is your sales organization at risk of being a jack-of-all-trades, but a master of none? Whether you have full time sales leadership in place or not, closing sales and creating scalable structure that leads to closing deals more consistently and predictably are usually at odds.

Who is SOAR?

SOAR is a proven sales optimization firm that partners with executives and sales leaders to formalize how and why they win into company specific sales strategy, process, and enablement that accelerate sales growth in a predictable, scalable fashion without requiring additional time and resources.

“SOAR is incredibly insightful in quickly grasping the unique value of a product or service, capturing that value in messaging that easily converts to potential customers, and leveraging their absolute mastery of process and automation to deliver scalable and predictable growth that maximizes your investment."

Dan Martin, GM


Predictable business growth whitepaper

Want Predictable Revenue?


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